Animal Medical Center & Spa
15703 SW 56th St Miami, FL 33185


Low Cost Preventive Care

Call today (305) 222-7387 and find out how you can save money in pet care costs. Vaccinations, blood work, spay/neuter, dental cleaning etc...

Pet Grooming and Boarding

Did you know that every time your pet comes in for grooming or boarding they receive a complimentary physical exam, intestinal parasites check, nail trim, ear cleaning and anal sacs expressed? WOW! Let our professional groomer pamper your pet today. Prices starting at $21. Call us now (305)222-7387.

Cold Laser Therapy, Digital Radiography, In-hospital Diagnostics

State of the art Innovative treatment and diagnostic tools, receive your pets results on the spot! Why wait until the next day? In many cases we are able to run in house diagnostics and get the results in a matter of seconds.

Ultrasound/ Echocardiography

Our professional ultrasound technicians will ensure that your pet receive the best care while running these amazing diagnostic tests that are then evaluated by our excellent specialist in internal medicine and cardiology to give you the most accurate results.

General Surgery and Orthopedic and Emergency Services

We can handle everything from a broken nail to a major surgery. Our experience surgeons and staff will ensure a safe an smooth recovery from any minor or major surgical procedure.
Emergency during office hours? No problem!, just call us we will tend too your needs right away. (305)222-7387